Parcel Proxy is a reliable package receiving     service. The Shipping Mill will accept and       sign for your parcels on your behalf and

   you pick them up at your convenience


   We offer all your shipping and mailing

   options under one roof. This allows for you,        the customer, to comparison shop by lowest      rate, fastest delivery, or preference of carrier.    We are also a drop off location for all your          prepaid packages and mail.




   We have everything you need to get your          package out the door and delivered. A

   one stop shop for boxes, packing materials,      mailing/bubble envelopes and postage              stamps. Private mailbox rental, document          shredding and Notary services are also              available. We carry last minute gift ideas            from the Sheboygan area to help support          local small businesses.

All your delivery options in one location!

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Carrier Pick Up Times

*DHL pick up available upon request