• Our mailboxes aren't just for mail..... they accept UPS, FedEx, DHL, SpeeDee Delivery and USPS. 
  • With us, you have a real street address for all your deliveries
  • It is permanent-you can move around but your address will stay the same.
  • ​Free mail forwarding service-all you pay for is the shipping.
  • Security for a home business - keep your home address private and important documents confidential.
  • It is a safe, convenient way to receive mail or packages and with our boxes starting at just $8.00 a month, it is affordable too.​


Why a Private Mailbox at The Shipping Mill?

How do I use the Parcel Proxy service?

Utilizing our Parcel Proxy service is convenient

and easy. Start by contacting us at The Shipping Mill, 920-803-5065, and

we will verify your current contact

information. We will advise you on

how to address your parcels so they

will be accepted at our store. If required,

we will sign for parcels on your behalf and then notify you of its arrival. You then stop in our store at your convenience, pay a minimal fee per package and retrieve your parcels.

Our service offers convenience and peace of mind - knowing that your parckages are not sitting on your porch in the elements while your at work, or missing that important delivery because the Carrier couldn't leave it without a signature - let us be your Parcel Proxy.

What if my package arrives damaged?

   We make every effort and take every precaution                               to ensure that your items are                                       packaged correctly and that they                                  leave our shop in perfect condition.                              Due to the possibility of improper handling by the carrier, packages unfortunately may arrive in damaged condition.

If damage is discovered, contact The Shipping Mill immediately. Please keep the box and all original packaging material intact. The carrier's representative and/or insurance agent may need to see this for the inspection process. We also recommend photographing the damages and packing materials for additional documentation and proof of loss that we will need to submit a claim. A proof of value and/or receipt of purchase will also be needed.  Please note that if severe damage is recognizable upon delivery, you do have the right to refuse delivery - the item will then be returned to our store and we will begin the claim process. We have a very short time frame for filing a claim on your behalf. Please be diligent in unpacking and inspecting your shipment.


Often customers question why we highly recommend DHL Express for important or time sensitive

International packages. Getting packages through Customs and into other Countries can sometimes be a complicated, lengthy process. The following article was posted in this months DHL Newsletter and I believe it helps explain why they are so good at what they do.

 DHL has taken great measures to provide customers with an optimal Customs clearance experience. As a result, most shipments are cleared by the time the plane arrives. We've also used our long-standing relationship with Customs to arrange our inbound flight arrival schedule to correspond with the schedules of Custom clearance personnel. This provides the maximum window of opportunity for clearance and the ability to connect with our network for next-day delivery. DHL can manage the Customs clearance process on  your behalf   and arrange for final delivery.

All your delivery options in one location!

When do the Carriers pick up?




FedEx Ground....3:30pm


FedEx Express...4:00pm

 How do I get a Private Mailbox?
When applying for a mailbox, be sure to bring two forms of identification - the US Postal Service requires that each adult whose name we will be receiving mail for must bring in identification.
Forms of acceptable identification:
  -Drivers License
  -Armed Forces ID
  -Government ID
  -University ID
  -State Id
  -Current lease/mortgage